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CRM software dubai - effitrac

CRM Software – effitrac Solutions

    Leverage effiCRM to manage the campaigns run by your sales team, set commissions for your retailers and to manage the tasks, schedules and events related to you...

    December 2018

    14 total views, 0 today

     UAE > Dubai > Other
    effitrac solutions - CRM

    CRM Software – effitrac Solutions

      Let your customer be impressed with your business professionalism. Enable effitrac CRM Software using which you can always be sure that you reach your customer ...

      November 2018

      19 total views, 0 today

       UAE > Dubai > Dubai Industrial City
      ERP Software - Effitrac

      CRM Software – Effitrac Solutions

        Let your customers admire your organised strategy using CRM. Manage your leads and create a great impression among them. Plan and schedule your tasks, meetings,...

        October 2018

        22 total views, 0 today

         UAE > Dubai > Dubai
        ERP Software - Effitrac

        ERP Software – Effitrac

          Effitrac is an ERP software development company based in UAE. We offer ERP Softwares like VAT Accounting ERP, HR | Payroll ERP, Inventory Management ERP, Tradin...

          April 2018

          60 total views, 0 today

           UAE > Dubai > Dubai

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